Colorado Background Check Procedures

Colorado Background Check Procedures

Colorado Fingerprinting Applicant Registration Instructions

The following are step by step instructions to successfully register for fingerprinting. Please carefully read and follow the registration instructions carefully. IMPORTANT - Make sure all of your information is correct, once your fingerprints are submitted you cannot change any information.

A PDF version of this guide can be accessed below, with visual aids for completing this process.

1. Website - Please visit to begin (smartphone and tablet friendly).
2. Create Account - Click the “Create an Account” button to begin the registration process.
3. Enter Information - Carefully enter all of your information. Fields with asterisks (*) are required. Please note for your username you can choose anything that is available including your email address.
4. Start Ordering Process - After successfully creating an account click the “Place New Order” button to start the ordering process.
5. Location - Choose Location or Out of State - If you live in Colorado, find the nearest location by entering your zip code and click search. If you live outside of the State of Colorado or cannot physically make it to a location then choose “Out of State” and proceed to step 7.
6. Appointment - Select one of the available appointment slots and click “Next” to proceed.
7. Billing Code -Select No. Contact us once you complete 10 days in the classroom to have this cost reimbursed.
8. Service TypeChoose “CO Licensure/Employment CABS” from the available services.
9. Reason fingerprinted - Choose "CHILDCARE - LICENSED 26-6-107"
10. CBI Unique ID - Enter the CBI Unique ID for your institution and click “Next”. The CBI Unique ID for your institution is 7987DCLI
11. Verify Personal Information - Verify the personal information entered from the account creation to ensure it is correct. Make any changes as needed and click “Next”.
12. Fingerprinting Information - Add the information needed for fingerprinting. Fields with asterisks (*) are required. Double check your information and click “Next” to proceed. Under "Daycare License #, input 1773516.
13. Double Check and Agreement - Double check all of your information to ensure it is correct. Click the checkbox to agree with the privacy statement and click “Next”.
14. Review & Confirm order - You will receive a warning that this is your last chance to double check your information. After double checking your information click “OK” to proceed.
15. Payment - Add your payment details & make payment.
16. Order ID - You will receive your order ID on the screen plus it will be emailed to you and texted to you if you opted in to receive text notifications. Provide the order ID along with a valid Govt. issued photo ID to the fingerprint tech when you have your fingerprints taken.

Fingerprinting - Please bring the following when you go to the location to have your fingerprints taken.
  1. Order ID - Please make sure to bring in the order ID from the fingerprint registration.
  2. Govt. Issued Photo ID - Please make sure to bring a valid photo ID which can be one of the following:
    1. Valid Driver’s License - Issued by Colorado or another State. ○ Valid Identification Card - Issued by Colorado or another State.
    2. Federal ID Card - With seal or logo from Federal Agency. ○ Valid Commercial Drivers License - Issued by Colorado or another State.
    3. Valid U.S. Passport
    4. Valid Foreign Passport ○ Valid Passport Book/Card ○ Valid U.S. Military Identification Card
    5. Permanent Resident Card/Green Card
    6. Enhanced Tribal Card

Out of State - If you selected the non-resident fingerprint processing which is available for those applicants residing outside of Colorado or if you are unable to physically visit one of Colorado Fingerprinting locations. The following are the next steps in the process.
      1. FD-258 Fingerprint Card - You must have your fingerprints taken on FD-258 fingerprint cards. You can typically do this at local law enforcement or any private agency qualified to take fingerprints. We recommend obtaining two (2) fingerprint cards. The cards need to be signed by both you and the official taking fingerprints and all personally identifiable information must be completed.
      2. Confirmation - At the end of the enrollment process please print your confirmation receipt with your order number.
      3. Money Order or Business Check (if used for payment) - If you used a money order or business check for payment please include the money order (with the appropriate payment amount) payable to American Bioidentity.
      4. Mail - Mail all items listed above to:
                        Colorado Fingerprinting
                        Attn: CABS Fingerprint Processing
                        110 16th St 8th Floor
                        Denver, CO 80202

Once your request has been received it will be processed within 3-5 business days.

Contact - Please contact Colorado Fingerprinting if you have any questions or for assistance.
            Phone: 833-224-2227
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