Complete Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Training for Catholic School Assignments

Complete Ethics and Integrity in Ministry Training for Catholic School Assignments

Whether you're Catholic or not, substitute teaching at private Catholic schools in your community can be a very rewarding experience. These schools often offer smaller classes, competitive pay, and a respectful student body making the assignments very enjoyable.

Many of the Catholic schools on the HelloSubs platform require their substitutes to complete a 3-hour course called Ethics and Integrity in Ministry (EIM).  This training is completed in-person with many locations and dates to choose from. It only needs to be done once every 3-years.

To register for the course visit the VIRTUS online system and follow the instructions. 

Here's a step by step guide:
Once on the VIRTUS website, select first time registrant, or login.

You will then need to answer a series a questions.
  1. Organization: Austin (diocese).
  2. Location: Choose any Austin campus (does not matter which you choose, this course will enable you to work at all Catholic schools on HelloSubs).
  3. Role: Educator
  4. Title or Position of Service: HelloSubs substitute teacher
  5. Complete the personal questionnaire
  6. Agree to background check (there's no cost for you)
  7. Select convenient date & location for your training course! (be sure to notice the city the course is located in)
  8. If you cannot find a suitable date/time, click continue so you can return to this page later without having to register again.
Once you complete the training, email and let us know the date & location where you attended, once we have that information you'll be eligible for these assignments!

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