Do not touch policy

Do not touch policy

HelloSubs Do Not Touch Policy

At no time should you have any physical contact with a student, regardless of the age group. In short, there should be no physical contact of students by substitute teachers!

 •     The concern always arises when dealing with younger children (e.g., Pre K-3). In these particular grade levels, younger children may attempt to show some form of physical connection (e.g., hugging) with the substitute teacher. This may be a pattern of behavior with the regular classroom teacher, but you must avoid any perception of inappropriate behavior as a substitute teacher. 

•    If you are assigned to a preschool program with two and three-year-old students, you may be required to change diapers. Again, you must always be aware of any perception of inappropriate behavior.

•   You may want to leave toileting responsibilities to assigned classroom aides, if available.

•   In the event that a student attempts to hug you, avoid hugging the student back.

•    Younger students may need assistance when preparing to leave school and dressing themselves appropriately. Specifically, they may need help with tying shoes, zipping coats, putting on hats and gloves, etc.

•     It is your responsibility to ensure students are dressed appropriately when they leave school.

•   Use common sense when assisting students who may need help.

•    No employee shall physically touch students in any manner (slap, punch, push, hug, kiss, fondle, etc.) unless there is an emergency and the touching is necessary to prevent harm to the employee, the student, or to others.  Even then, employees must use the minimum force necessary.

•    No Company employee shall have any one-on-one contact of any manner (direct meeting, telephone calls, email, texting, etc.) with a student outside of school or school sponsored activities, unless the student is a relative or the contact is pre-approved by the parent/guardian of the student.

•    Employees who have observed or suspect that improper student contact has occurred must report these incidents to the Company immediately.

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