HelloSubs Teacher Code of Conduct

HelloSubs Teacher Code of Conduct

HelloSubs teachers hold the responsibility of representing the HelloSubs organization every time they work an assignment. HelloSubs teachers are expected to adhere to the Values and Expectations of both HelloSubs and our partner schools on a daily basis to ensure a positive learning and working environment for students, teachers, support staff and administrators.

ALWAYS: Be on time. Be prepared. Be professional.

Expectations For Every Assignment, Every Day

Arrive on Time - The report time should be listed with every assignment. It may be listed in the job description or the School Arrival Info Form (attached PDF with assignment confirmation email). If the report time is not listed, use any available resource to find the report time including: Contact HelloSubs Support; Contact the school's front desk; check school's website. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.
Dress Code - Dress Code will vary school to school. Some schools will have Dress Code listed in the School Arrival Info Form, so be sure to check Arrival Info before your assignment. For those that don't list a specific Dress Code, assume that Business Casual is appropriate. Once you've completed your first assignment with a school, you can adjust to match that school's Dress Code.
Communication - Communication is essential to a productive and professional relationship between teachers, schools, and HelloSubs. HelloSubs Teachers will adhere to professional and courteous communication with students, admin, and school staff at all times.

Expectations for Accepting Assignments

The most important thing to schools when it comes to substitute coverage is reliability. If you accept an assignment, you are expected to complete the assignment. Do not accept assignments when there is any doubt of your availability for that day. Before you accept an assignment, make sure that you are available for the full day, that you have reliable transportation in place, and any other necessary considerations regarding your availability.

Avoid cancelling assignments with less than 24 hours of notice whenever possible. If you do need to cancel an assignment for any reason, notify HelloSubs immediately by emailing support@hellosubs.co. You MUST notify HelloSubs of any cancelled assignments. It is PREFERRED to also communicate this with the school, once you have notified HelloSubs. Penalties for cancellation can be avoided by communicating with HelloSubs immediately.

Example: Teacher A , Teacher B, and Teacher C all have an unavoidable need to cancel an assignment morning of. Teacher A immediately notifies HelloSubs, and continuously checks in with their progress as needed. Teacher B calls the school but isn't able to get through to the right person, and doesn't follow up with HelloSubs. Teacher C does not contact HelloSubs or the school; also known as a No Call-No Show.  Teacher A avoids a Strike. Teacher B is subject to a Strike. Teacher C is suspended effective immediately, and subject to termination.

Penalties for cancelling assignments:
  1. Cancellation with greater than 24 hours’ notice: no penalty.
  2. Cancellation less than 24 hours but more than 30 minutes before scheduled start time: 1 Strike.
  3. Cancellation less than 30 minutes before start time or no-call, no-show: automatic suspension pending investigation with possibility of contract termination.
  4. Late arrival without notifying the school or HelloSubs: 1 Strike.
See below: HelloSubs Policy on Issuing Strikes, Suspension, and Termination

Best Practices for a Successful Assignment

  1. Arrive on time (if not a little early).
  2. Dress appropriately: Check the school's dress code, or default to business casual.
  3. Be prepared: Make sure you are familiar with the lesson plans and any materials that have been provided to you. If there are no lesson plans, be prepared to improvise by having a backup plan or activity.
  4. Be flexible: Be prepared to adapt to unexpected changes in the schedule, lesson plan, or classroom environment. Flexibility and adaptability are key qualities for a successful substitute teacher.
  5. Establish clear expectations: Set clear expectations for behavior, academic performance, and classroom procedures. Communicate these expectations to the students at the beginning of class and reinforce them throughout the day.
  6. Follow the school's policies: Follow the school's policies, procedures, and rules. Familiarize yourself with the school's emergency procedures and be prepared to handle any emergency situations that may arise.
  7. Engage with students as the leader, not their friend: Take an interest in the students and make an effort to connect with them. Learn their names, show interest in their interests, and engage them in the learning process. At the same, your job is to enforce the rules in a respectable way.
    1. PRO TIP: When the students are working on an activity independently, make your way around the classroom and keep students on task. The #1 reason for complaint from schools on a sub's performance is low engagement. 
  8. Leave a note: A note for the regular teacher about the day's activities, behavior, and any other important information. This will help the regular teacher to stay up-to-date and to pick up where you left off.

Behaviors to AVOID

The following behaviors should be avoided at all times. Engagement in any of the below behaviors may result in dismissal from an assignment or termination from HelloSubs. These behaviors include but are not limited to:
  1. Physical contact of any kind with a student or their belongings.
  2. Comments to students, faculty or staff that may be considered inappropriate.
  3. Discrimination of any kind.
  4. Leaving students unattended.
  5. Leaving school grounds without communicating with school administration.
  6. Unnecessary use of smart phone or computer while supervising students in any capacity.
  7. Possession or consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs on campus.
  8. Arriving to an assignment under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Every teacher is expected to review and abide by the HelloSubs New Hire Guide. Refer to the Handbook for a complete guide to best practices, sexual harassment prevention, and discrimination prevention.

HelloSubs Policy on Issuing Strikes, Suspension, and Termination

Strikes - A "Strike" is issued to a Teacher in the event of a breach to the Code of Conduct. Strikes are sent via email to the Teacher with a detailed account of the infraction. HelloSubs utilizes a 3-strike system for contract termination. Accumulating 3 Strikes per contract year (August 1st to July 31st) may result in termination from HelloSubs.
Strikes can be removed from a Teacher's profile after successfully completing subsequent assignments without further infractions.

Suspension - A Teacher may be removed from the pool temporarily at the discretion of HelloSubs. Teachers can then return to the pool once conditions of return are met. This may include:
  1. Restorative phone conversation with HelloSubs
  2. Confirmation of Teacher's availability and commitment to completing scheduled assignments
  3. Additional training and professional development
Termination of Contract - Whenever possible, HelloSubs will make every attempt to work with a Teacher to return them to the substitute pool. However, serious breaches to the HelloSubs Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of contract.

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