How do I cancel a Job?

How do I cancel a Job?

Do you need to cancel a JOB REQUEST? 

No problem! Follow the steps below to cancel your request: 

Step 1. Navigate to the "Job Request" tab on your HelloSubs platform and click on the request you'd like to modify. On the right hand side of the screen, you should see a calendar, which presents an overview of your request. For the example below, 8 days have been requested (3 of them would put me on the waitlist, meaning another sub has already been assigned to them). 

Step 2. Select the days you'd like to cancel. They should change from Requested/On Waitlist to Clear Request/Join Waitlist. Once you've selected the days you'd like removed from your request, click Save Changes. 

You should then see the changes reflected on your calendar. Notice how this example calendar now shows 5 requested days. 

If you decide to cancel the rest of the days, you can easily do so! Simply go through the same process as before and then click Cancel Request. 

If you cancel an entire request, you will no longer see the calendar as shown below. 

Can I cancel an ASSIGNED job?

‚ÄčYES. The process is almost exactly the same. 

Step 1. Navigate to the "My Dashboard" tab on your HelloSubs platform and select the assignment you'd like to modify. 

After you select the assignment, you should be able to see the assignment in calendar form. 

Step 2. Select the day or days that you'd like to cancel. Then, be sure to provide a CLEAR and THOROUGH reason as to why you need to cancel the job. This is especially important if you need to cancel a job within 24 hours of its start time. Once you've written your explanation, click Confirm Cancel Assigned Days. 

You should then see your new schedule reflected on the calendar. If you need to cancel additional days, you can do so just like in the example above for the job request cancellation. 

What happens if I need to cancel a job LAST MINUTE (within 24 hours of the start time)?

If you need to cancel a job within 24 hours of its start time, you'll follow the same steps as seen above. However, when you go to cancel the job, you'll notice that your calendar will say "Cancel with Penalty" - as seen below. 

What penalty can I expect?
  1. Cancelling within 24 hours: This will BLOCK you from taking any other assignments that next day. 
  2. Cancelling within 12 hours: This will potentially earn you a strike. Last-minute cancellation explanations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Remember, three strikes results in contract termination. 

Note: Please be as descriptive as possible when leaving a cancellation note. Please avoid vague statements like "Unavailable", "Car troubles", or "Sick". Vague statements leave your more susceptible to a strike. 
LONG TERM SUBS ONLY: If you are a long-term substitute, please notify your campus via email and CC us if you need to cancel last minute. All schools should have an emergency contact under Job Location Details.

That's how you cancel a job request or assigned job! As a courtesy to our schools, please cancel a job AS SOON AS you know your availability has changed. We understand that things happen, but the sooner you cancel a job, the more likely we're able to get that job filled, so our schools get the coverage they need :). 

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