Pennsylvania Early Childhood Background Checks and Trainings

Pennsylvania Early Childhood Background Checks and Trainings

There are 5 checks you need to complete. Total cost is around $65 which we will reimburse after 10 days worked.  There is one additional training that needs to be completed within your first 45 days of work.
As you completed these checks, please email the results to your placement consultant.

1. PA Criminal history check

Apply for your criminal record check online at PATCH, using a credit or debit card for payment. Use the option for "Submit a New Record Check" (not volunteer record check).

2. Child abuse clearance

Apply online for your child abuse clearance through the Child Welfare Portal. Results can take up to 21 days to receive. 

3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance

  1. Enroll with identoGO here.
  2. Enter code: 1KG738 to qualify for early childhood/preschool/daycare jobs through the Department of Human Services.
  3. Click schedule/manage appointment to get started.
  4. Create a separate order using code: 
  5. (detailed instructions are linked below)
  6. If you have this FBI check already, please send it to your Recruitment Consultant

4. National Sex Offender Registry Verification

All subs will fill out this paperwork as part of the "ECE Paperwork".  Once completed, we will submit this document to the relavant authorities.  It may take up to take up to 2 weeks for this document to fully process, but subs will be permitted to work while the document is in process, provided all other documents are provided.  This form will be mailed to you when completed, so please send it to your Recruiter once you receive it.

5. ACT 168: Disclosure of previous, related employment.

In addition to your completed checks, HelloSubs is required by the PA state government to complete Act 168 forms. These forms will be delivered to you in form of fillable electronic forms in separate emails. Look out for emails from Zoho Sign.

HelloSubs applicants in their onboarding process must disclose all former employers that were school entities and/or where the applicant had direct contact with children (camps, after-school care, coaching, social work, etc). The applicant and their past employers will fill out the standard Act 168 form prior to accepting assignments with HelloSubs.  Please note, this document will not apply to all candidates, only those with prior direct contact with children.

6. Follow instructions in this article to complete the Early Childhood trainings here.

Once all above clearances and tranings are submitted, then the candidate may start working.  There is one more training that is required in the first 45 days of work.  Please see below:

7. Mandatory Reporter Training - to be completed within the first 45 days of employment

The applicant must complete the state-required Mandatory Reporter Training within their first 45 days of work.  The training teaches every substitute teacher what they must do in the case where they witness any instances of abuse or neglect in their classroom.  

Go here to start the training, and send the Certificate to your Recruitment Consultant when you have completed it -

Please note, candidates that do not complete this training within the allotted timeframe will be de-activated and not allowed to work until it has been completed.