Getting Started Training

Getting Started Training

Congratulations for investing your time into becoming a great teacher! Being great means being prepared for whatever the day will throw at you. As a sub, every day can be different, and being prepared can be the difference between an enjoyable experience, or a negative one, for both you and the students!

The team here at HelloSubs wants you to enjoy your work and to help you excel in the classroom! Without proper training, this job can be tough so we've put together everything you need to get off to a great start.


Especially if you're new to subbing, start off with this free, fantastic course from our friends at SubSchool! This self-paced course covers a little bit of everything from understanding the role of a substitute, preparing for your first assignment, the day in the classroom, and more. The course will take roughly 90 minutes, when you're done send us a copy of your certificate and let us know what you think of it! Teachers that complete this training become eligible to receive priority job notifications.

Classroom Management Training

Want to learn more about how to manage a classroom? Check out our free Classroom Management course. This 35 minute course will provide you with specific strategies you can implement in the classroom to effectively create a safe and calm learning environment. 

Additional trainings we love!

De-Escalation Strategies for When Students Push Your Buttons

10 De-Escalation Tips, Techniques & Strategies

Great tips to get started! (15 minutes)

Sub teacher tips and advice (16 minutes)

How To Be A Great Substitute Teacher

27 videos covering how to work with every grade level, special needs, lesson plans, discipline, and more! Check it out before starting any new type of assignment to make sure you’re ready and confident!

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