Quick Guide: How to Become ECE Qualified 🎒 (Colorado)

Quick Guide: How to Become ECE Qualified 🎒 (Colorado)

Use this checklist to keep track of completed requirements! :) 

Step 1: Fill out this Reference Contact form. 

Step 2: Complete this Written Assessment (10-15 minutes).  

Step 3: Complete the HelloSubs New Hire Orientation (30-35 minutes).  

Step 4: Schedule and complete your Colorado Background Check.  

Step 5: Complete this TRAILS form. 

Step 6a: Complete this BIU Out of State Background Checklist

Step 6b: Have you lived outside of Colorado within the last FIVE (5) years? If YES, follow the instructions within this article. If NO, continue to Step 7.

Step 7: Sign the following FOUR documents.  

  1. Document 1: Staff Signature Page 

  1. Document 2: Child Abuse Report Form  

  1. Document 3: Early Childhood Addendum  

  1. Document 4: HelloSubs Contract (This was sent to you in a separate email from ZohoSign.)  

Step 8: Do you already have an employment health form for the Colorado Department of Early Childhood or a previous employer? Send us a copy as you may be able to skip this step! IF NOT: Download, print, and get the Health Check form signed by a health care professional. 

Where does HelloSubs suggest I go for my health evaluation? 

Need more information on the health check? Visit this article

Step 9: Create a PDIS account HERE 

  • When creating an account, input the HelloSubs license number on registration: 1773516.   

Step 10: Complete the following seven PDIS trainings:  

As you complete each training, please send your certificate/s to your recruitment consultant. 

  1. Standard Precautions, including Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and Immunizations 
  2. Infant Safe Sleep Practices 
  3. Recognition and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect 
  4. Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma 
  5. Injury Prevention for Child Care Centers 
  6. Playground Safety for Child Care Centers 
  7. Emergency and Disaster Preparedness for Child Care Providers 
Step 11: Complete your CPR and First Aid Training. NOTE: If you complete the online course, you will need to complete the in-person CPR course within 30 days of your first ECE substitute assignment. Have it completed already? Send it to your recruitment consultant or support@hellosubs.co.  

Where should I get this done? 

                                                      In Person: American Red Cross        OR        Online: PDIS Online Training  

Step 12: Email the receipts for your out-of-pocket expenses (health check, CPR, background check) to support@hellosubs.co. HelloSubs will reimburse up to $200 AFTER you complete five worked days. 

You’re done! Enjoy subbing early childhood! 😊 

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